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The Skycooler is an adiabatic cooling solution that works by spraying water, resulting in a cooling effect through evaporation. It is a sustainable and energy-efficient way to provide cooling without the need for air conditioning.

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Stay cool and bug-free with the Skycooler

Experience a remarkable cooling sensation on your terrace while effortlessly keeping pesky insects at bay. The ingenious patented misting system of the Skycooler ensures a worry-free environment, allowing you to unwind and relish in a cool oasis both indoors and outdoors.

With its exceptional ability to reduce odors and dust levels, the Skycooler guarantees a refreshing and clean atmosphere. Plus, with its remarkably low energy consumption, maximum 210 watts, you can enjoy all these benefits while being environmentally conscious.

Improve animal comfort and equestrian performance with the Skycooler

The Skycooler for equestrian sports offers numerous advantages. It effectively keeps the animals free of insects, it provides a cooling effect, - keeping the horses comfortable and not experiencing heat stress - and the Skycooler promotes better equestrian performance and overall well-being. You give priority to animal health and comfort.

Limited edition
Skycooler X Fugazzi Fragrance

Introducing the limited edition collaboration between Skycooler and Fugazzi Fragrance. Experience the perfect combination of cooling comfort and captivating scents. This exclusive partnership brings you a unique sensory experience that will transform your surroundings. Available for a limited time only. Don't miss out on this extraordinary fusion of coolness and fragrance.

Cleaner Protective cover Fugazzi 'Chill Out' Fragrance


Explore our range of essential maintenance and cleaning products specifically designed for your Skycooler.

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- Cools down by up to 10 degrees
- Creates an insect-free cloud
- Undesirable odors vanish
- Dust settles
- Extremely low energy consumption
- Suitable solution for every location


Cools down 10 degrees

The Skycooler has the ability to reduce temperatures by up to 10 degrees, providing relief from heat and creating a more comfortable environment.

Creates insect free cloud

By generating a cloud of cool mist, the Skycooler repels insects and creates a space that is free from bothersome pests, allowing people to enjoy the outdoors without disturbance.

Drops dust

The Skycooler helps to reduce airborne dust particles by trapping them within the mist, resulting in cleaner air and improved air quality.

Increase of oxygen in the air

The Skycooler uses a natural process to increase the level of oxygen in the air, creating a refreshing and revitalizing environment.

Environment friendly

The Skycooler is designed to be environmentally and eco-friendly, using natural processes to cool the air and reduce energy consumption.

Energy efficient

The Skycooler is designed to be highly energy-efficient, consuming minimal power while delivering effective cooling results. This makes it a cost-effective and sustainable solution for cooling outdoor spaces.

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